Thursday, 23 June 2011

Laszlo Cseh Vs Chad Le Clos

Chad Le Clos
12 April 1992
Seagulls SC

Laszlo Cseh
03 December 1985
Kobanya SC

Both Chad & Cseh are 400IM & 200 fly specialists and swim around a 1:52 for a 200 fly shortcourse. Laszlo Cseh is most famous for his triple silver at the beijing olympics, where he finished second only to Michael Phelps in the 200 fly and 200 and 400 IM. Chad made his big entrance at the 2010 FINA world shortcourse champs in Dubai where he beat Cseh to win the mens’ 200 fly in what was a shock finish.
Big things can be expected from both these athletes at the coming up London Olympics.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Mare Nostrum Mens’ Sprint Results

50m Freestyle:
1. SCHOEMAN Roland RSA 22.85
2. KOZMA Dominik HUN 22.98
3. GRANDJEAN Yoris BEL 22.99
4. VAN DOOREN Erik SUI 23.02
5. AERENTS Jasper BEL 23.08

50m Breastroke:
1. TATEISHI Ryo JPN 28.47
2. FELDWEHR Hendrik GER 28.49
3. PEREZ DORTONA Giacomo FRA 28.69
4. HETLAND Aleksander NOR 28.72
5. SCHWEITZER Martin SUI 28.74

50 Backstroke:
1. KOGA Junya JPN 26.12
2. BORISOV Vitaly RUS 26.33
3. LACOURT Camille FRA 26.34
4. IRIE Ryosuke JPN 26.67
5. VANLUCHENE Emmanuel BEL 26.79

50m Butterfly:
1. MANAUDOU Florent FRA 24.22
2. FUJII T akura JPN 24.31
3. SCHOEMAN Roland RSA 24.44
4. TARGETT Matt AUS 24.46
5. GOVOROV Andrey UKR 24.47

Mare Nostrom Womens’ Sprints Results

50m Butterfly:
1. ALSHAMMAR Therese SWE 26.58
2. DEKKER Inge NED 26.71
3KATO Yuka JPN 27.48

50m Backstroke:
1. ZUEVA Anastasia RUS 28.56
2. TERAKAWA Aya JPN 29.27
3. NESTEROVA Margarita RUS 29.48

50m Breaststroke:
1. BADILLO DIAZ Concepcion ESP 32.42
2. SPAHN St├ęphanie SUI 32.50
3. RUHNAU Caroline GER 32.60

50m Freestyle:
1. DEKKER Inge NED 25.68
2. ALSHAMMAR Therese SWE 25.72
3. RAGNARSDOTTIR Ragnheidur ISL 25.92

Friday, 10 June 2011

Butterfly Drill Set

Swimming butterfly is very different to that of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke which all revolve around swimming from the core but the motion of fly is very different and relies mostly on leg strength and endurance and the position of your body in the water. Here is a basic drill set which should improve your stroke and help you maintain through those longer sets.

6 x 50m’s fly kick on your back with hands across shoulders
4 x 50m’s body dolphin drill - push off in a streamline position, keeping your hands together in front of you, focus on pushing your chest down and allowing your legs to follow the motion sort of like a wave.
6 x 50m’s fly kick on your back with hands across shoulders
4 x 50m’s skipping stone drill - from a streamline position, pull yourself through the water as you normally would but stop your stroke cycle as your hands exit the water behind you, dive back down and bring your hands forward under the water.
6 x 50m’s fly kick on your back with hands across shoulders
4 x 50m’s alternating arm drill - start off with two normal strokes, straight into 2 strokes with your left arm only and right arm in front and then alternate arms. focus on pulling deep and touching your hip as your arm exits the water.
24 x 25m’s fly - 8 on 40s, 8 0n 35s and 8 on 30s.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Paul Biedermann Profile

Born : 7 August 1986
Nationality: German
Height : 1.93m
Weight : 93kgEvents : 200m & 400m freestyle
Records : 4 world records
(200m free LC - 1:42.00)
(400m free LC - 3:40.07)
(200m free SC - 1:39.37)
(400m free SC - 3:32.77)

Paul Biedermann will always be known as the man who ended Michael Phelps’s stint at the top in the same way that Phelps preceded Thorpe. Biedermann is the current world record holder for the 200m & 400m freestyle and managed to destroy Phelps in the 200m free at Rome in 2009. Loyalist Phelps supporters claimed that the new Arena polyurethane swimsuit was the only reason that Biedermann won but later in an interview Phelps himself said that he was beaten by the swimmer not the suit.