Friday, 9 December 2011

Alternatives to the FS 3

I realize I may have expressed my opinions about how unnecessary the Speedo FS 3 is but I never provided an alternative, so here we go:

My personal choice at the moment would probably consist of the Arena Cobra goggles, mirrored preferably, with either a TYR or or Arena 3D seamless racing cap. Although this not cheap, it's a good deal cheaper than the FS 3 system.

At the moment I feel that the BlueSeventy neroTX is probably the best value for money and really is a great suit. BlueSeventy has also said they will be releasing a new Nero series in 2012. Additionally you could use the old Speedo LZR Elite which is also a very good suit and is about half the price of the new Fast Skin 3.

New Speedo FS3

The new Speedo FastSkin 3 is here. Yay, I'm sure everyone is very amped. Don't get to excited because all it really is, is a swim suit with some cool racing stripes on it and a cap and goggles that supposedly 'fuse' together to make you look like a space explorer.

Maybe the entire set do work together to create a more streamlined, energy efficient figure in the water but the truth is, unless you are Michael Phelps, you will not feel it.

The FastSkin 3 system was designed by and for the most elite of athletes and with prices for the entire set at about $575 (R4000) for men and about $800 (R5650) for women, it looks like the FS3 will remain a tool of the elite.

If you are on the verge of making your national team then sure; it may help you but otherwise it seems like an extravagant amount of money to spend on an astronaut costume.