BlueSeventy Nero TX Jammer

The Nero TX jammer from Blueseventy is at the top of the list of FINA approved race wear. The nero TX has both drag reducing and compression capabilities.
The entire neroTX range is made from blueseventy's TX diaphanous fabric which is water repellent and compressive. The nature of the fabric helps to compress muscle, streamlining the body shape and delaying muscle fatigue.
The nero also features ultrasonically welded seams which significantly reduce drag.
Speaking from personal experience I can say that, if looked after properly, the nero will outlast all other racing suits and at a competitive price the neroTX is great investment.


Peptopro is a revolutionary type of sports nutrition derived from casein. The pre-digested milk protein differs from conventional protein in size. Regular, intact proteins must be processed before they are able to be absorbed into the blood and muscles where as peptopro, containing tiny protein fragments, is predigested and so is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream more efficiently and is readily available for fatigued muscles.
Peptopro assists in rapidly improving recovery rate and delaying fatigue but unfortunately it is relatively expensive and the taste is fairly unpleasant.

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